Podcast: 5 hacks for living in a shared flat


Hey guys. This is the very first episode of the Freshers week podcast. In this episode we’re gonna talk about living in a shared flat.

No.1: Don’t be strangers
You’ve probably heard the stories that there are some students who isolate themselves in their rooms. I recommend you don’t do that. Here’s why: Having a good relationship with your flatmates makes living together much easier. If you don’t clean once or let your stuff laying around they will most likely forgive you easier when you have a good relationship. This doesn’t mean that you have to be their best friend. Just talk to them once in a while, eat with them or have a beer together. Living together will be much more fun if you don’t isolate yourself and are friendly.

No.2: Create a cleaning plan and life up to it
This one might sound obvious, but in reality it isn’t. Although most shared flats have a cleaning schedule, nobody really does what he is supposed to. Most of the time the flat just gets cleaned when somebody is expecting friends to come over and it’s just too embarrassing to let them walk in the dust and look at the toilet that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for weeks. However doing your part of the deal isn’t easy. Once you start uni, you’ll have some lectures, meet friends, join associations etc. When you are at home you most of the time just don’t feel like cleaning, which is totally relatable. To solve this problem, I recommend having a special cleaning day each week on which you spend 15-20 minutes cleaning. That’s really all it takes to life in a clean flat.

No.3: Use a payment app
Having different bills to pay and different payers, a payment app solves the problem of calculation who owes who how much. The most popular ones are IOU, splitwise and flatshare. They are easy to use and show you who owes who and what amount. Just create a group for all your flatmates and invite them to join it and you wont have problems with your payments anymore.

No.4: Print out the rubbish schedule
For all different rubbish zones in St.Gallen, there are different schedules when the rubbish is collected. It’s worth it to print the schedule and pin it too your fridge, so you can see when rubbish and paper are collected. Again, it’s an easy hack but only few shared flats do it.

No.5: Say what bothers you
This is probably the most important hack. It seems obvious but I know nobody (including myself) who does it. Don’t be afraid of pissing your flatmates off. If somebody has his stuff all over the flat, tell him nicely to please bring it to his room when he is finished doing what he is doing. If there are dirty dishes in the sink ask when the person wants to clean it up. It’s best if you first do a little small-talk before getting to it and giving the person a reason why it bothers you. If he or she wont listen if you tell her for the 100th time to clean up, it might be best to look for other flatmates…

There you have it. Those were the 5 simple hacks to make your life in a shared flat easier. I hope you enjoyed that episode. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Enjoy your first evening of freshers week!