Podcast: 4 tips for a successful assessment year


Yesterday, we talked about the 5 hacks for living in a shared flat. Today we talk about some secrets coming from Ex-Assessies about passing the exams and prepare for those. Here are the four best tips:

No.1: Study!
You came to HSG to study. So do that! You don’t have to worry, many people are going to pass. It’s up to you. We recommend to stay focused on your goals and to make a commitment. There are going to be ups and downs, like in your whole life. But stay tough and never give up!

No.2: Old exams
As you prepare for an exam, also check out the old ones. They can provide you with useful information: You get to know the structure, the different types of tasks and some frequently asked topics. To find them click on the link below: http://studentweb.unisg.ch/de/assessmentjahr/pruefungen/pruefungsvorbereitung. In order to see it you have to sign in.

No.3: Join the exercises
To get the best out of them we recommend to go there well prepared. The lecturers will give you the opportunity to ask questions and provide you with insight from the professional experience. In case you don’t like your lecturer, don’t hesitate to change groups. Choose your lecturer based on your personal preference, not on your preferred time slot.

No.4: Fake News
Don’t pay too much attention to apps like Jodel, because everybody has the opportunity to post anonymously . A lot of fake news are released on the platform: When in doubt, consult the official calendar or the examination fact sheet. You can find the official calendar on Studentweb using the following link: http://studentweb.unisg.ch/~/media/internet/content/dateien/studentweb/assessment/akademischer%20kalender_as_de.pdf?fl=de

If you have any further doubts, just ask a tutor and please don’t get distracted by studying too much.