Podcast: Keep on moving with our sport tips


We asked you to send us your questions regarding the university and yesterday we discussed exams. Today we will give you some advice about sports at HSG. Here are our four best tips:

No.1: Go for it!
Try out the gym class you always wanted to try. Whether you are a yoga guru, a gym rat or a dance fairy – you will find what your heart desires. Find out what you like best and stick to an activity that makes you feel fit and happy. You will find every class imaginable on the official uni sport webpage: https://www.sportprogramm.unisg.ch/unisg/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/index.html

No.2: Involve your friends
To keep on being active, surprise your friends with a fitness plan and drag them to the gym with you. It so much easier to keep a group motivated, rather than just yourself. Without missing out on fun, you will get the best results.

No.3: Introduction session
Take advantage of your initial motivation and register for the introduction session before you forget about it. It gives you the permission to use the gym and some good inputs on how to use the equipment. It will make your Legi look even fancier: by validating it after the introduction lesson, you will get a fun fitness icon printed on it – you´ll officially be a gym nut. Sign up for a session on: https://www.sportprogramm.unisg.ch/unisg/angebote/aktueller_zeitraum/_Fitnesstraining_an_den_Geraeten__Einfuehrung.html

No.4: Monday: a No-Go
Don’t try to exercise in the gym on Mondays. Just don’t. You’ll open the door, be submerged by the finest perfume of sweat, turn tail and decide to go. Just know that all the weekend couch potatoes will be there jogging away from the guilty conscience.

Our next podcast about social life will be out tomorrow on 5pm. Don’t miss out on our article with some personal insights of an assessie participating in a Kick Boxing Class online tomorrow afternoon.