Podcast: How to get the best out of St.Gallen


This is episode 3/4. We asked you to send us your questions regarding the university and yesterday we discussed sports options at HSG. Today we will give you some advice on how to enrich your social life. Here are our four best tips:

No.1: Join the associations´ events: they offer numerous opportunities. Whether you’re interested in cooking or you’d like to get politically involved to save the environment – you will find something that spurs your interest on the SHSG website.

No.2: We know St. Gallen isn’t the biggest city of all times, but it has plenty to offer – there are different Clubs, but you can also get creative and organize your own pop-up party. Soon enough you’ll get to know that Wednesday is the students’ night out – it’s Sprittwoch!

No.3: What’s more, St. Gallen has a pretty amazing landscape. You can go hiking and look for the best views of the Bodensee or the Säntis. Another option would be to explore the city and its neighborhood by following the foxtrail paths – together in a team you follow specific hints on your way to solve some team challenges.

No.4: In case it’s raining – it never does- in St. Gallen we suggest you go bowling, try virtual reality games , or enjoy a movie night at the cinema. If you just want to enjoy some nice views, try out the Voralpen-Express, a train roundtrip to relax and enjoy great views.

We hope we could give you some inputs you haven’t known about before and give you inspiration for your next night-out.

Stay tuned and catch our next episode tomorrow at 5 pm.