Podcast: How to save money as a student


This is episode 4/4. Yesterday we gave you some hints about what your free time options in St.Gallen are. Today we are going to talk about how to best save money in your everyday student life.

No.1: Daily Routine
Cut your electricity and water bills buy following some simple rules. Whether you’re a pastry chef or a lazy student, in most cases it is not necessary to preheat your oven; your meal will turn out just fine. Regarding water: buy a water-saving tap – it is cheap, it works and pays back! And in addition to saving money, you help the environment by saving water!

No.2: Shopping
Try to make a weekly grocery shopping list. If you live in a shared flat, go shopping together and look for some discounters in your neighborhood. You’ll be able to buy a bigger quantity and variety foods. If you not able to eat at home, consider meal-prepping. Eating out or buying convenience food may be well “convenient” but it is way more expensive than brining your own snack or favorite meal. You will find several microwave ovens on campus to heat up your meals.

No.3: Free time
When shopping for clothes, having a new hair cut or even going out, remember asking for student discounts. Many shops, local attractions sometimes even restaurants may offer student discounts or do have special offers, just don’t hesitate to ask for it. If you want to profit from the best deals on festivals, meals and  other offers near your University, subscribe to LEGI, a platform for students which allows you to save big money. 

No.4: University
Last but not least, in sync with the freshers’ week theme, you may want to look into the latest electronic devices. Before buying a new laptop or tablet, make sure to check out websites like Revendo or look into Project Neptune. Revendo sells used devices and offers quality at the best price. If you are not really into used stuff or fancy the newest technologies, check out Project Neptune, targeting students and their needs while offering the best student discounts.
Here are the links for the two websites from which you can buy your next computer or i-Pad:



So, with this episode we get to the end of this freshers week podcast. Thanks for listening and don’t forget to actually try out some of our tips.  Have fun and enjoy your fist semester at HSG!